Thinking About Malaysia Passport? 7 Reasons Why It's Time To Apply

Thinking About Malaysia Passport? 7 Reasons Why It's Time To Apply

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Our passport is a powerful thing Because it gets you to one Nation For traveling purposes. At the latest Global Index ranking, allowing us to see 119 countries without a visa.

Therefore It is essential for us to understand the latest passport renewal processes and how to use for your first passport via the Immigration Department of Malaysia. In this article, I share with you my expertise and suggestions in renewing my passport which took less than 2 hours.

Why do I need to renew My passport - It has come to my attention that my passport has entered its own expiry interval. Even though I have about 5 weeks to go on it, I needed to renew the passport for my upcoming and I wanted to avoid doing it in the last moment.

To inform You the truth, I had assumed that doing this would be easy. However, I neglected to take note that even though some offices have been opened on weekends and after office hours, then there will still be a long queue.

But before I go on about looking for the Nearest immigration office, you should look into renewing your passport if you are in the following situation:

Locate the closest Immigration workplace - I say this with love because there are a couple of offices that open on weekends like Mini UTC Sentul and that are located in the city center. This would indicate that you may need to experience significant traffic to get there and by the time you arrive, there would most likely be a long queue, if you don't come in early naturally. Since I needed to repay this on a weekday, I decided to search for one that is close to my office.

Some Buddies had suggested the in Pusat Bandar Damansara however I read somewhere it has since been moved to the Immigration Office at Sri Hartamas. As it is even closer to my workplace, that sounded like a safer bet. The one I visited was situated in the Ministry of Affairs construction where the National Registration Office and Marriage Department is housed as well which makes it a one-stop convenience centre

Arrive Early - When I mean early, I really mean EARLY. I had decided to go to the Immigration Office at Hartamas which formally opens at 8 am. I was already out of my house at 6:30 am and arrived there around 7:15 am. From the ground floor, I could already spot people queuing for both the Immigration and also the National Registration Office and it was long.
Fortunately At exactly 7:30 am the glass door opened and we walked in an orderly way to get our numbers. There are loads of counters there for entry, collection, information, and payment that makes up for less waiting time.

Bring The necessary documentation - Before you take your number in the queue, then you will want to bring these documents:

Your passport.

Years old), RM100 (60 years and above / kids 12 years under / students under 21 years old studying degree program abroad / Haj pilgrims), Free (person with disabilities)
Payment can be made in cash and charge card (local) or postal Order (for all those residing abroad)

No forms to fill.

Photographs will be taken in the passport division booth

Had all the documents prepared and the process took a mere 10 minutes.
My IC was also returned during this time (I Thought I had lost it earlier during submission). I was very surprised when the woman at the cashier booth stated that I could gather my passport one hours' time. This was at 7:58 am.

Wear appropriate clothing - Since The photographs will now be taken at the Immigration counter itself, we should take note of the correct attire that will make the photograph stick out from a white backdrop.

Wear dark coloured clothing

For all those wearing hijabs, it's Ideal to come in dark-coloured veils.

Wear clothes that cover the torso and shoulder area (you can Forget about being sexy in your passport photograph ). If you're wearing sleeveless, the Officer will ask you to wear a jacket, that's on hand in the booth.

Eliminate your hat.

Remove contact lenses and spectacles

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