Kundan Meenakari Earrings – The Modern Flavour Of The Old Traditions

Kundan Meenakari Earrings – The Modern Flavour Of The Old Traditions

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Meenakari is the method involved with painting and shading the surfaces of metals and earthenware production through plating. It is polished as an artistic expression and economically delivered in India. Meenakari workmanship ordinarily includes unpredictable plans and is applied as a beautifying component to serving dishes, holders, containers, outlines, show adornments and gems.

The word Meenakari is a compound word made out of the words Meena and Kari. Meena is a female variety of the word Meenu which implies heaven or paradise in Persian. Kari means to do or put something onto something different. Together the word Meenakari means to put heaven onto an item.

Meenakari was acquainted with India by the Mughals? Raja Man Singh of Mewar is viewed as the supporter of the meenakari craftsmanship in sixteenth century Jaipur. Because of his endeavors, Jaipur turned into the center point of meenakari craftsmanship with the flood of exceptionally gifted experts. In a couple of years, the ability of the experts made the spot a particular focus of meenakari planning. The excellence of this craftsmanship lies in the power of specialized abilities expected for its creation which gives flawlessness to the adornments.

Since ages, gold has been a favored metal for meenakari craftsmanship as it can hold the lacquer in a superior way. This, yet the utilization of gold in meenakari works additionally improves the gloss of the workmanship while drawing out the shades of the veneers delightfully. The utilization of silver in meenakari work was presented later which was principally utilized for making bowls, boxes, spoons, and craftsmanship pieces. Afterward, copper was likewise presented in meenakari workmanship after the Gold Control Act which constrained the gem specialists of India to search for metals other than gold for making meenakari adornments and other craftsmanship pieces. Voylla acquires lovely assortments meenakari on design adornments with metal as the base metal.

Meenakari is a unique ability culminated by Jaipur craftsmans over ages where each tone is independently filled in every little piece of the adornments piece. The piece is then marginally warmed to guarantee that the lacquer shading makes a bond with the base metal. On the off chance that there are different tones the whole course of utilization, warming, and cooling is rehashed on numerous occasions. Since the whole work is exceptionally specific and multifaceted, it is totally finished the hard way. After the warming and cooling process, the adornments is plunged in exceptional synthetic substances to expand its shine and make a defensive covering on the gems hence giving the gems longer life. The themes most frequently found in the gems of the area are Phool-Patti (blossoms and foliage), peacocks, parrots, and elephants.

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